Mrs. Ross' Class

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Links to websites used for research projects


Weather Wiz Kids

Extreme Weather by Met Office

Solar Eclipse Links

Astronomy for Kids

solar eclipse facts

solar eclipse-Astronomy for Kids

Animal Links

National Geographic Kids 

A-Z Animals

Sea Stars

Sea Urchins - As you scroll through the pictures, be sure to read each caption to get your information!

Sand Dollars

Sea Cucumbers

Egyptian Museum Project Links

Setting up a museum display

Museum Planner Blog 

Ancient Egypt for Kids

History for Kids, Ancient Egypt

Ducksters History Ancient Egypt

Medieval Times Links

Ducksters Middle Ages

Middle Ages for Kids

History for kids, Middle Ages

Island Links


Puerto Rico:

Galapagos Islands

Dominican Republic:



Rainforest Links

Rainforest Alliance Species Profiles:

San Diego Zoo's Tropical Rainforest Animals

National Geographic Kids 15 Cool Facts about Rainforests

Tropical Forest Animals

Plants of the Rainforest

Rainforest Plants

Tropical Rainforest Plants