Mrs. Ross' Class

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Suncoast is proud to be a Responsive Classrooms school!  We believe that learning social skills is of equal importance to academics.  There are 5 main skills we focus on: Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy and Self Control.  In third grade we learn them in a slightly different order based on which skills we need the most starting out the year!

Self Control

Self-Control is

                       thinking before you act

                                            to keep

                           yourself and others

                       safe and happy.  


We study self-control first because without it, it is hard to practice all the other ones.  Also, coming off of summer break, self-control is key to getting back into the routines of school.  We read books and watch movies where characters learn the importance of self-control. 


Responsibility is

             doing what you need to do


 without being told




      accepting consequences


                                                  for your actions.


Responsibility is a huge key to success in life.  When everyone takes responsibility to do what they need to do, things run smoothly.  When we take responsibility for our own feelings and actions, we are much more likely to change and grow!



Assertion is


            Speaking up for 


                       yourself and others


                 in a respectful way.


Using assertion is about so much more than stopping bullying, although that is part of it.  Assertion is about speaking up for what you need and want to achieve your goals.  It is taking the initiative to start something new, asking for help when you don't understand, and using your words to tell others when you don't like something. 



Empathy is


         understanding another






              thoughts and






Often times in school, showing empathy looks like helping a classmate when they are hurt, but it can also mean trying to understand where they are coming from when they hurt you, or organizing help or awareness for needs outside the classroom. Empathy doesn't have to be a huge endeavor.  Sometimes the best way to show empathy is simply to listen.


Cooperation is


          Working together


                       to get the job





We teach cooperation last not because it is the least important, but because generally by 3rd grade cooperation is what students have the most experience with.  When we work together things get accomplished faster, and more ideas are brainstormed.  It feels great to be part of a team, and we tend to be more motivated when we know others are counting on us!